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Land Search

If you don't already own a plot of land, then you'll be in the market shopping for a place to build your new Diyanni Home. With our years of experience and the networking we've done in and around the mid-west region, we can help you find the perfect piece of land. We may have a pocket listing you're interested in, or perhaps you'll find some great options in our upcoming land search feature. Read more about these options below.

Pocket Listings - The hidden land market!

Networking with our staff, previous home buyers, and realtors has allowed us to gather a collection of "pocket listings." Pocket listings are plots of land for sale that haven't been formally listed by the seller, yet they are ready to sell to the right buyer. Call and ask about our pocket listings today -- we may already have access to the perfect lot for you!

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Land Search - Coming in 2019

We are committed to making the land search process as streamlined as possible with our upcoming land search database This proprietary search engine will tie into national land databases and private pocket listings to bring you the most up to date search results that are currently possible. You will be able to save and print hand picked land listings to keep in your personalized land list. Register to receive email announcement when this feature is available.

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