Open shelves

13 Mar Design Trends: Navy Blue Interior & Open shelves

We are in love with all the navy blue interior designs and open shelved concept being used lately! The navy blue makes every room look elegant and classy. Open shelves are a unique way to showcase your house or kitchen items and brings dimension to the room. You can add either of these elements in a wide variety of ways that fit your personal style. Here are some ways you may want to tie in these latest trends into your own space!



Bring in this bold color into your kitchen while keeping the room bright:

Navy brings elegance to this room while incorporating it in these patterned accessories:

Tie in navy with these statement pieces like these kitchen chairs:  

Create an accent wall with this beautiful navy color bringing warmth to your space:

Add these open wood shelves with simple black piping to bring dimension to your kitchen:

Add more of a modern element to your space with these classy white open shelves:

Add these modern, open white shelves to your bathroom space:

Incorporate these open wood shelves with sleek white brackets to liven up your living space:

Add these classy white shelves to your bedroom to create a built in bookshelf: