Diyanni Difference

Established in 1979, Diyanni Homes has built over 2,500 custom new homes over the years. However, the Diyanni Difference is more than just our long history in the industry or our family values. We believe that our customer focus and ability to deliver an accessible and professional home building experience differentiates us from other custom home builders in Ohio and Kentucky.

The Diyanni Homes mission encompasses the same integrity and values our father instilled in us, along with a high standard for home building. We take pride in building our family legacy of Diyanni Homes just as much as take in building your new home, one wooden beam and roof shingle at a time.

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We Listen

We are building your house, and we want to build it the way you want it done. For this to happen, we must listen to you! Our ability to do so is one of our greatest assets.

We Understand

We present the building process in a way that is clear, understandable, and ultimately leads to a finished product you will love. Paired with decades of experience building homes, we know the right questions to ask, and how to construct a home built to last.

We Deliver

We deliver what we say we can do! Each home we build is very important to us. Our reputation is founded on the care we provide our customers and the long-lasting, transferable value we add to your home. It is that reputation, and that attention to detail, that allows us to maintain a steady stream of business.

We Learn

Trends and latest quality materials change constantly--and so does the way that people live! We stay up-to-date on new products, technology, building regulations, and so much more. We are always learning. Diyanni Homes has some of the highest educated and best trained people at every level of our company.

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