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The Diyanni family started their company in 1979 as a construction company called 5-Brothers. They had always worked together as a family. In addition to learning construction skills from their father, he also ingrained in them the Biblical principles of honesty, integrity, and respect. These values are still at the core of the Diyanni Difference.

  • Since 1979, Diyanni Homes has been an innovator in the housing industry. We’ve won many awards for our homes, including the BIA Parade of Homes “People’s Choice Award" several years in a row.
  • Since 1979, Diyanni Homes has built over 2,500 homes. We take great pride in our workmanship and serving our customers.
  • “When the time is right, I would welcome the opportunity to meet you, and discuss your building needs” --Ray Diyanni


In 1979, the Diyanni family moved to Ohio where we opened a small construction company called 5 Brothers.


In the 1980s, the company started building homes in the Columbus area. It worked together and built one house at a time from the ground up. From laying footers to putting the final coat of paint on the wall, the Diyanni family gained hands-on experience with every aspect of building a home. With a strong work ethic and quality craftsmanship characteristic of their Italian roots, the family was successful from the beginning.


During the 1990s, the company began growing. This success allowed Diyanni to buy its own land and build its first model home. The garage and basement were converted into offices, and everyone at Diyanni worked from there.

The company slowly hired one trade at a time to help with the workload. This allowed Diyanni to expand and build more than one house at a time, while remaining selective about new additions to the team.


At the turn of the millennia, Diyanni Homes began building several new communities throughout central Ohio. In each community, the company built a model home.

During this time, Diyanni Homes also bought its first office building in Columbus, Ohio.


Over the years, Diyanni Homes has sold out of all of its community homes. At this point, the company decided to concentrate solely on building custom homes on land owned by our customers.

Diyanni completed its first custom model in Sunbury, Ohio in 2015. This custom home was designed specifically for people looking to build a home on their own land. Diyanni Homes has also expanded into other markets.

Since its beginning in 1979, Diyanni Homes has built over 2,500 new homes in Ohio. The company has also won numerous awards:

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