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Why Build New - Diyanni Homes

With so many pre-owned houses for sale, you may wonder why you should build a new one! Some reasons are obvious, but we also have a few that you may not have realized.

The truth is, building a new house with Diyanni Homes is like building a legacy. This is a lasting print upon the world, showcasing your personality and the memories your family will create.

Lifetime Warranty


Current warranties on a new home protect the homeowner for years--or even life. By building a new home, you can rest assured you are living somewhere without leaks, structural damage, and more. Lifetime warranties are even available for your shingles, windows, and foundation waterproofing system, just to name a few! These warranties have a big impact on the cost of maintaining a home over 20-30 years.

HERS Index


Energy efficiency not only helps conserve resources, it also keeps your cost of home ownership low! Diyanni builds new homes using the highest standards in materials. A home’s energy efficiency is measured by its Home Energy Rating (HER) score. The higher the score, the worse the home is in relationship to energy cost. Existing homes can average 75-95 in the HER rating system, while new energy efficient homes can be as low as 50. In many cases, newer homes perform as much as 50% better than older homes.

Why Build New


You design a new home the way you want it. Our needs change as we move through life, and Diyanni Homes strives to build homes to fit your needs today, as well as in the future. Some people choose to buy an older home and update it. However, we’ve found that renovating can ultimately cost more than a new build, and the outdated materials remain. A custom home has lasting value and can fit all your needs for years to come.

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