Why Diyanni - Diyanni Homes

Diyanni Homes stands for a lot more than quality custom homes. Our company message is filled with the same integrity and values our father instilled in us, rooted in a high standard for home building and the importance of family. We are building our family’s legacy as much as we are building yours, one wooden beam and roof shingle at a time. Work with us and learn about the Diyanni Difference firsthand.

We believe

...in people, and the value of families.

We understand

...the need for new homes. They are a place of refuge, for developing memories, and a place of rest. A new home is a man’s castle, a woman’s security, and the children’s place to call home.

We strive

...to be the best at designing and building homes, regardless of need or price point. We feel that everyone can be our customer, and we will treat them as a part of our family.

We have built over 2000 new, custom homes since 1979

...and we truly feel that our level of building knowledge is among the top in this industry. When we meet with customers to discuss the building process, they leave with a solid understanding that will help them move forward when building their next home.

We’ve nourished a customer-focused company

and have a deepened appreciation for all who have made us successful--including those who have trusted us through the best and worst of economic times. We have a reputation as a home builder that cares for its customers and for quality in all things. It is that reputation, and that attention to detail, that allowed us to maintain a steady stream of business for the past 40+ years. We stand a better, stronger home building company than ever before.

We’re a family-owned company

Thanks to our family values, we were taught from the beginning that a good name is better than riches. Our name is backed by honesty, integrity, and respect. Word of mouth is our most powerful and consistent form of advertising.

We are growing

We are now bringing our message, our building experience, our intense passion, and drive to other areas of Ohio. We believe we have become excellent at what we do, and look forward to sharing the Diyanni Difference with people like you.

Welcome to the family.


At Diyanni Homes, we are custom home builders who aim to make the building process as stress-free as possible for you--the owner! Learn about the steps it takes to build your home, from the planning stage to moving in.